Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

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Innovative and Diverse Ways of Playing Penatonic Scales in Blues, Rock, and Heavy Metal

Guitar instructor/host Dave Celentano teaches innovative and diverse ways of playing the pentatonic scale in rock and heavy metal. He covers: the five position patterns for the pentatonic scale; sequences, string bending, connecting the scale patterns; string skipping; two-hand tapping pentatonics; a complete pentatonic solo played over backing tracks; and rhythm backing tracks for the student to rehearse soloing over. All examples are notated in tablature and included on the DVD as a printable PDF file. 60 min.

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Arrangement: Guitar
Author: Dave Celentano
Series: Guitar
Format: DVD
Item No: AM00001506
UPC: 884088554323
ISBN: 1574241877
EAN: 9781574241877
Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.25"
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