Rockin' Poppin' Snare Drum, Vol. 1

Rockin' Poppin' Snare Drum, Vol. 1

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Rhythm Fundamentals

The first in a series of three snare drum instructional books from Bart Robley, this book is perfect for beginners of any age. The fundamentals of reading rhythm are important to the success of playing any instrument, especially the snare! In this book you will learn to read everything from quarter-note sticking patterns all the way to rebounded sixteenth notes, and then it's on to rudimental drum rolls. A CD is included so you can listen while you practice, eliminating any guess work. The 40 essential drum rudiments are also included in the front of the book. A must for all drummers!

Watch for a companion DVD coming soon!

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Arrangement: Snare Drum, Drum
Author: Bart Robley
Series: Percussion
Format: Softcover with CD
Item No: AM00001562
UPC: 884088590871
ISBN: 1574242709
EAN: 9781574242706
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Shipping weight: 9.2 ounces

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