Eris(TM) E5

Eris(TM) E5

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2-Way Active Studio Monitors

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When it's time to replace those cheap “computer” speakers with serious 2-way professional studio monitors, you're ready for the Eris E5. With Kevlar™ low frequency transducers, low-mass silk-dome tweeters, responsive Class AB amplification, and professional acoustic-adjustment controls, the compact Eris E5 represents an outstanding value in its class. It includes RF shielding, current-output limiting, over-temperature protection, and subsonic protection, and unlike comparably priced studio monitors, it has controls for simulating different listening environments and flattening frequency response to enable accurate mixing.

Series: Presonus Hardware
Format: General Merchandise
Item No: AM00125069
UPC: 673454002175
Dimensions: 11.5" x 10"
Shipping weight: 190.5 ounces

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