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Studio Channel

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1-Channel Vacuum-Tube Channel Strip

The Studio Channel is great for studio and live use. Its Class A preamp features a high-output 12AX7 tube and Gain and Tube Drive controls. The full-featured, VCA-based compressor includes Auto Attack/Release. The EQ can be pre- or post-compressor and has a fully parametric mid band and semi-parametric high and low bands that can be shelving or peak.

Features include:

• High-voltage Class A 12AX7 vacuum-tube mic/instrument preamplifier

• Gain, Tube Drive, HP filter, -20 dB pad, phantom power, polarity reverse

• Variable VCA compressor with Auto Attack/Release and Soft/Hard Knee

• 3-band EQ with parametric mid and semi-parametric, shelving/peak low and high bands

• Instrument, line, and mic inputs

Series: Presonus Hardware
Format: General Merchandise
Item No: AM00125081
UPC: 673454003417
Dimensions: 23.25" x 12"
Shipping weight: 103 ounces

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