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Monitor Station

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Desktop Studio Control Center

Easily manage multiple sources and monitor speakers from your desktop with two sets of stereo, line-level inputs, a pair of RCA aux/phono inputs with defeatable RIAA filter, and three pairs of speaker outputs. You also get Main Mute, Mono, and Dim; main and cue outs; four loud headphone amplifiers; and a talkback mic.

Features include:

• 3 stereo pairs of individually selectable analog Source inputs

• 3 stereo pairs of individually selectable speaker outputs with level controls

• Aux/Cue section with Source select, input- and output-level control, and phono preamp

• Main Mute, Mono, and Dim (-20 dB) switches

• 4 screaming-loud stereo headphone amplifiers with volume controls and independent source selection

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Series: Presonus Hardware
Format: General Merchandise
Item No: AM00125087
UPC: 673454002823
Dimensions: 17" x 12.25"
Shipping weight: 84.5 ounces

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