The Wonderful Journey of Amadeus Sheet Music

The Amadeus Songbird

In 1963, a passionate, ambitious young man named Morton Burt moved his family from Denver, Colorado to Whittier, California to take on a new job. He was good at what he did, but the job just didn't seem to satisfy him. There seemed to be something more important in life; something more fulfilling. He needed something more.

Mort had an unstoppable, lifelong passion for music. He had been a singer since he was in high school, and he played a multitude of instruments his whole life. He was a performer, a composer, an arranger, a director, and a lover of music. In fact, he loved music so much that it was an indispensable part of his life. Because of that crazy passion, his wife and his 5 kids couldn't help but love music too.

I personally have fond memories of our Thursday nights, in the family room of our home when I was a kid, getting together and playing jazz songs; every one of us on a different instrument. I played trumpet at the time, dad was on trombone, my brother on tenor sax, mom on the piano, one sister on flute, another on clarinet and the youngest... ...well the youngest just hung on to a tambourine and bounced a bit!  It was wonderful.

In 1976 Mort had had enough with his job. He built up his courage and made a leap of faith. He quit his job and purchased a small piano and organ store. It was a bold move. turned out that he was a great businessman and the store grew quickly. Within just a few years he opened additional stores and had a successful chain of retail stores he called "Morton Burt's Music Centers".

The business continued to grow until his untimely passing in 1992. The family carried on though and kept the music alive. Morton Burt's Music Centers became Burt's Music in Print and was a premier source of sheet music for teachers, schools and performers around the world.

Now, with Amadeus Sheet Music, we've expanded our selection beyond just sheet music; we sell musical instruments, gifts, accessories, stage equipment, software and more. We've added new technology that allows you to download music instantly to your mobile device or printer. We're continuing to evolve and enhance our services. The legacy lives on!

Our stores have always been completely family-owned and operated. We  simply love music and want to continue spreading this gift, joy and passion to everyone we can.

 Morton Burt 1963

Morton Burt, 1963


Warmest regards,

Peter Burt
Peter Burt