Beginning Rock Lead Guitar

Beginning Rock Lead Guitar

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For Electric and Acoustic Guitars

This comprehensive DVD introduces you to all the essential scales and techniques used to play rock lead guitar. On the DVD, Dave Celentano demonstrates and will have you playing the following: alternate picking, sweep picking, hammer ons, pull offs, slides, vibrato, tapping, string bending, legato, pinch harmonies, and many tips. At the end of the DVD you'll put it all together by learning a complete solo and then performing it over the rhythm track. 60 minutes.

Arrangement: Guitar
Author: Dave Celentano
Series: Instructional/Guitar/DVD
Format: DVD
Item No: AM00000346
UPC: 073999378962
ISBN: 1574241575
EAN: 9781574241570
Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.25"
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