Pedal Steel Licks for Guitar

Pedal Steel Licks for Guitar

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30 Vintage Steel Licks

Take a lesson with super picker Forest Rodgers! In this DVD that supplements Forest's book, Pedal Steel Licks for Guitar, you'll learn how to play 30 classic beginnings, endings, turn-arounds and fill-ins to popular pedal steel licks on the guitar. Forest plays them at regular tempo and then at a slower tempo for easier learning. Watch the fascinating interaction as pedal steel master Doug Stock plays the licks then Forest copies them on the guitar. Features tips for the best steel guitar sound reproduction and steel guitar voiced chords. 60 minutes.

Arrangement: Guitar
Author: Forest Rodgers
Series: Instructional/Guitar/DVD
Format: DVD
Item No: AM00000348
UPC: 073999931150
ISBN: 1574241591
EAN: 9781574241594
Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.25"
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