Jazz Phrasing

Jazz Phrasing

Second Floor Music
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A Workshop for the Jazz Vocalist

A great supplement to Second Floor Music's Sing Jazz! book (00740213/$14.95), Jazz Phrasing is a perfect workbook for all jazz vocalists. It covers: Specific Rhythm Phrasing – interpreting 8th notes, specific rhythm figures; Open Phrasing – exploring tempos and styles, working with ballads; Tips on Performance – choosing a tempo and counting off, telling the song's story, working with your ensemble; and more. The accompanying CD lets you: compare transcriptions to recorded examples, listen to vocal and instrumental examples, sing along with the rhythm section, create backgrounds and analyze arrangements.

Arrangement: Vocal
Author: Don Sickler
Author: Dr. Gloria Cooper
Series: Vocal Collection
Format: Softcover with CD
Item No: AM00000994
UPC: 073999856941
ISBN: 634077317
EAN: 9780634077319
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Shipping weight: 8.3 ounces
Pages: 56

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