All for One

All for One

Second Floor Music
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A note from the composer:

This one, kind of like my Blues for All from the too soon to tell set, is a disguised minor blues. In addition, it has a vamp at the end of each a section and an 8 bar bridge to take it out of the C minor tonality for a minute.

Arrangement: Jazz Ensemble
Composer: Eric Alexander
Series: Second Floor Music-Jazz
Item No: AM00001060
UPC: 884088136970
Dimensions: 11" x 8.5"
Shipping weight: 6.7 ounces

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Instrument # of Parts Pages per Part
Conductor Score (full Score) 1 8
Trumpet (1st Part) 1 2
Alto Sax (1st Part) 1 2
C Treble Clef (1st Part) 1 2
Tenor Sax (2nd Part) 1 2
Alto Sax (2nd Part) 1 2
Trombone (3rd Part) 1 2
Tenor Sax (3rd Part) 1 2
Baritone Sax (3rd Part) 1 2
Piano 1 3
Bass 1 2
Drums 1 1
Guitar (rhythm Section) 1 2