Little Lucas

Little Lucas

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Note from the composer: Little Lucas is dedicated to my 2 year-old son. It is a happy medium swinger that captures his mischievous nature with the deceptively difficult movement of major 7th chords in the A sections. The melody notes are, for the most part, the 7th of each chord and these notes follow a diminished scale sequence--going up a half-step and then down a major third repetitively. The B section features a 2 five sequence that moves in major thirds. Originally, I wrote this tune for a quartet date. For this arrangement I added a line played by the bass and piano at the end of each A section and voiced out the horns in open drop 2 voicings for a clear and cheery sound.

Arrangement: Jazz Ensemble
Composer: Eric Alexander
Series: Second Floor Music-Jazz
Item No: AM00001096
UPC: 884088145484
Dimensions: 11" x 8.5"
Shipping weight: 6.2 ounces

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Instrument # of Parts Pages per Part
Conductor Score (full Score) 1 8
Trumpet (1st Part) 1 2
Alto Sax (1st Part) 1 2
C Treble Clef (1st Part) 1 2
Tenor Sax (2nd Part) 1 2
Alto Sax (2nd Part) 1 2
Trombone (3rd Part) 1 2
Tenor Sax (3rd Part) 1 2
Baritone Sax (3rd Part) 1 2
Bass 1 2
Drums 1 1
Guitar 1 2
Piano 1 3