Three Dance Portraits

Three Dance Portraits

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Piano Solo

Composer, pianist, and author William Bolcom has these comments to make regarding his new Dance Portraits: “These three dance-pieces are portraits of friends who are each wonderful pianists but are perhaps better known for something else in music. Dennis Russell Davies is a renowned conductor; Curtis Curtis-Smith is an extremely talented composer; Abba Bogin is a highly successful conductor and commercial musician. Such vernacular styles as soft-shoe and Argentine and Brazilian tango are found in these works. The Dead Moth Tango got its title from a moth I killed inadvertently; Knock-Stück features, as well as knocking sounds, a particular type of syncopation found often in Curtis-Smith's compositions; Abbacadabra celebrates the volubility all of Abba Bogin's friends will recognize.”

Arrangement: Piano
Composer: William Bolcom
Series: Piano Solo
Item No: AM00009642
UPC: 073999096422
ISBN: 793509696
EAN: 9780793509690
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
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