Independent Cymbal Rhythms

Independent Cymbal Rhythms

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Independent Cymbal Rhythms is designed to free up your ride cymbal and hi-hat playing so you can achieve greater rhythmic variety in your grooves. The over 500 exercises in this book are also designed to develop endurance, coordination, flexibility and finesse of movement. The book includes: patterns based on quarter-, eighth- and sixteenth-note grooves • triplet and 12/8 grooves • alternating hi-hat grooves for funk and rock • syncopated cymbal and hi-hat patterns • grace notes on hi-hat • grooves that will work for rock, jazz, funk, Latin, blues and techno. These exercises will help you achieve your full potential as a drummer.

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Arrangement: Cymbals
Author: Bobby Williams
Series: Drum Instruction
Format: Softcover
Item No: AM00123645
UPC: 884088961039
ISBN: 1480364576
EAN: 9781480364578
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Shipping weight: 5.9 ounces
Pages: 40

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