BlueTube(TM) DP V2

BlueTube(TM) DP V2

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2-Channel Mic/Instrument Tube Preamp

Enjoy solid-state clarity or tube warmth with the BlueTube DP dual-path mic/instrument preamp, which features both PreSonus classic Class A XMAX™ solid-state mic preamplifier and a high-output, 12AX7 tube preamp that operates on voltages double that of other preamps in its class, providing lots of headroom and big tone. A Tube Drive control produces anything from gentle warmth to edgy distortion. With two combo mic/instrument inputs, the half-rack space BlueTube DP is a great choice for guitars and basses as well as vocals.

Features include:

• Dual path, with both 12AX7 vacuum tube and solid-state gain stages

• Combo mic/instrument inputs with Class A XMAX™ mic preamplifiers

• Tube Drive tube-saturation control

• Illuminated analog VU input-level meter

• Compact 1/2U rack-mount chassis

Series: Presonus Hardware
Format: General Merchandise
Item No: AM00125079
UPC: 673454001703
Dimensions: 7.75" x 16.25"
Shipping weight: 68.5 ounces

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